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Server 2 Ruleset Has Changed To Pvpve

02 August 2015 - 05:17 AM

Many players on this server have created some epic buildings/bases. While PVP and raiding is a core mechanic of survival games, we feel as though this server has more of a creative community rather than a hardcore pvp style community. We are hoping to increase the population of this server with a different style of ruleset. Player opinion has also supported the move to a PVPVE ruleset. This promotes open world pvp for resources and drops, but maintains the integrity of everyones creations. We hope that this server brings designers that will help our current group of players fill up the server with the most epic of creations. For more information on the new ruleset visit the updated rules page at:



ARK Servers Update Megathread

01 August 2015 - 02:31 AM

Not too many changes happen that affect all of our ARK: SE servers but when they do happen, the list will be updated here.
Finished adding Auto-Update Script to 10x XP||MaxDifficulty||3xTame||5xGather, server will now automatically notify players of incoming update and then automatically saveworld and update.
Finished Advertising/Message Script, Currently only posts to the 2xTame, Max Difficulty Server
Finished testing Auto-Update Script, fixed a few bugs. Currently auto-updates the 2xTame, MaxDifficulty server, while also warning players of said incoming update.
Advertisements moved back to half hour intervals. 15 Minutes was too short and clogging up chat.
First implementations of Auto-Update and Auto-Messaging scripts.

Website Update List Megathread

01 August 2015 - 02:03 AM


Changed "bans" to "Sourcebans" in Ban Info Menu



Ruleset: Ucgl.net || Pvpve || Noraiding || Openworldpvp || 2X Tame || Maxdifficulty

25 July 2015 - 10:02 PM

ARK: SE Rules And Regulations

UCGL.net || PVPVE || NoRaiding || OpenWorldPVP || 2x Tame || MaxDifficulty




Server Description:

This server runs a PVPVE ruleset with the highest difficulty setting. The server employs and promotes open world pvp, while bases are on the pve style ruleset, which equals no raiding. The dificulty of the level of dinos is kept on max to create a harsher and more exciting environment for higher level players. A small adjustment to taming speed has been added to make higher level dinos not have unreasonable taming times.



General Conduct

Here at the UCGL we take a professional stance with everything we do. And we expect all of our members to act appropriately. This is not saying everyone can't have fun, but we expect you to be respectful and conduct yourself accordingly. Whether it be in teamspeak or server chat, we do not condone the use of:

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Ethnic Origin
  • Religion
  • Disablilty (Physical or Mental)
  • Sexual Orientation
  • General hate towards a group of people or specific person(s)


Hacking, Cheating, or Exploiting

All UCGL servers are subject to our "Fair Game" policy. We do not condone the use of any sort of hacking, cheating, or use of known exploits in order to unfairly benefit indvidiual or individuals. Anyone caught abusing or in associationg with anyone abusing our "Fair Game" policy will be instantly banned from all UCGL servers, teamspeak, and website. There is a 0 tolerance policy on this.



Current Server Ruleset:

-Global Voice Chat - Disabled
-Charachter/Dino/Item Downloads - Disabled
-Third Person View - Enabled
-Server PVE - PVPVE

-StructureDamageMultiplier - 0.00001

-Crosshair - Disabled
-Difficulty - Max

-Taming Speed Multiplier - 2




Griefing is defined as attacking or destroying any player, base, dino, etc for the pure purpose of being toxic to the player(s) or community. We take a very strict stance on griefing as it can make or break a communities standards. This server has a pve ruleset when it comes to base damage, so griefing really is not a problem. Defined below are a list of specific griefing policies employed on this server:


  • Killing a players dinos that are stored in or around their base for the pure purpose of harrassing a player or tribe. Dino's set on aggressive that attack you around said base, or set to attack as a defensive mechanic to protect said base are fair game. Dino's whether loose or with a player out in the open are also fair game. This is to protect players from having their dinos on passive killed for no reason.
  • Building very small structures or single foundations to prevent other players from being able to build in different areas of the map.
  • Blocking/Building inside caves. With the no building damage it would make caves impossible to access. So building anything that prevents players from being able to access the caves is prohibited.



Reporting abuse, harrassment, hacking, cheating, etc

If you feel anyone, including members, donors, vips, and admins, are guilty of abuse, harrassment, hate speech, hacking, cheating, etc do not hesitate to report it. Please provide any and all evidence that you can to help quickly resolve the situation. We have a 0 tolerance policy on this type of thing.




----We reserve the right to change, edit, modify, and/or remove any part of said rules and requirements to benefit our community as we see fit.




Thank you,

THE United Competitive Gaming League Team

[Policy] Requesting Player bans

25 July 2015 - 09:09 PM

Below are a list of guidelines to requesting a player ban.


  • All ban requests must be submitted through the appropriate form which you can find under the "Ban Info" tab on the navigation menu.
  • Failure to use a ban request form, or the appropriate form, will result in a locked topic. No progression will be made until the request has been correctly submitted.
  • Please try to explain the "incident" or "issue", to the best of your knowledge. Provide all evidence to support the banning of said player's account in the correct fields.
  • Follow all required fields, and provide any and all information that you can to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
  • Negative attitudes, foul language, or any threats or attacks at any player, admin, or the UCGL will be discarded, and the case will be closed.


We are here to help you. A final judgement on each case is decided by a hand selected committee. Not following the policy on requests will only hurt your case, where as being professional and submitting any and all evidence will only help said case. Feel free to leave any questions you have in the "Other" section, and we will do our best to communicate back in a timely and fair manner.



Thank you,

The United Competitive Gaming League Team