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New Form Submission (Ark:se Ban Request)

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Posted 04 August 2015 - 02:19 AM

New form submission has been received. View form here:

Name: Agriope
Email: agriope.gaming@gmail.com
Form: Ark:SE Ban Request

Your Steam Name: xx Agriope xx
Steam Name Of User To Be Banned: Godsdownhill
Evidence supporting request:

Hey there. I don't know if they should be banned, but let me give you a little background on what I'm bringing up. I didn't know about this site - save for the rules - until today. A friend from another ARK server suggested this server to come to when we decided as a tribe that our previous server just wasn't gaining enough people to not die out over time.

Anyway, that said, we got here two nights ago onto the 10xXP 3xTame etc server.

The very first night we were raided. That is against your rules, but when I brought it up, it was brushed aside. Apparently the tribe that did the raiding - the "Freemasons" - had some falling out with their membership. Okay, we have no problem with being raided, but we have an issue with people who clearly don't follow the rules. I asked about admins, but was told the issue was "handled". Fine, we're new to the server, figured no one knows us, best to just keep working on building etc.

So night two comes - nothing happens, I inquire about the raiding, people say "it's PVP get over it" essentially. Again, I have no issue with being raided, I have an issue with it being raiding clearly new players - we were in cloth and some pieces of hide and had 0 dinos. They took the only thing of worth in our base, which was a blueprint we got out of a drop. Big whoop. Just don't like that there's rules that state this shouldn't happen and did happen.

Night three - tonight - we put down an outpost finally, and get some walls in. It's on a cliff, there's no way it's blocking anything off. Freemasons - AGAIN - ask us to let them into our outpost. I say no, because there's no reason for them to be there and it's a dead end. Then this guy Dakota (Godsdownhill) and all his tribe start talking about how they'll just blow the thing up then. I tell them to go ahead, waste the explosives for no reason, because it's not blocking off anything. If they want a reason to use their explosives on new players to the server, they don't really need to concoct one.

So we go up there to see if they decided to blow a hole for no reason, they didn't, instead they had people on top of the base with an assault rifle to shoot at us. They were shooting at someone in cloth armor. LOL. If that isn't griefing new players, I don't know what is.

My point is this: Freemasons already broke the rules one time, now it's a second time for griefing new players. I don't really know if it's that interesting for us to bother to stay on this server if this is the impression we've been given in our first couple nights of being here.

Thanks for reading this thing that probably needed a TL;DR section, but I felt it needed to be brought to someone's attention, administration-wise.

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Posted 04 August 2015 - 07:16 PM

I will take a look into it for you as soon as I can. The freemasons issue before was  not really one of griefing, at least with what was submitted to me. They had a a falling out with tribe members, and tribe members griefed each other, so in terms of them, they don't really have a strike against them yet. Attempting to kill newer players is something we try and avoid, and raiding or destroying new player bases is something we also try and prevent. I will check the chat logs and talk with some people on the server today and get a full idea of what is going on.


Thank you for your report,



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Posted 04 August 2015 - 07:33 PM

I am still looking into it, but from what the chat logs show, you kindof egged them on. They supposedly asked you via chat to let them through, and you were blocking said path. Idk about that issue but the shooting at new players I will speak to them about. Like I said, they were not in trouble with the server, more within their own tribe. I jumped on to help each tribe get going again with some dinos because I understand the issue. But as for griefing your own tribe, that is not really an offense on this server. If people are willing to invite random players into their group, and said random players decide to steal things, or destroy everything when they know they are getting kicked out, it really isn't against server rules. It is rather poor choices made by said tribe leader. Either way, I helped both groups of 2 get back on their feet.


What I recommend if you do not want to be pvp'd early, is to remain more anonymous in the chat. You talked quite a bit, basically egging them on. Now shooting at new players isn't really something we would like to happen, so I will make sure they hear from me about it. And constantly attacking new players is something I will also make sure they understand. If you were blocking a pathway, and they blew a hole through to pass, then that really is not griefing.

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