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Tom Clancys: The Division

Feb 07 2016 10:54 AM | Myrddin in Community News

Planning on playing The Division come March 8? Looking for People to Team up with? Look no Further!

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Backup Teamspeak

Dec 25 2015 12:56 PM | Myrddin in Community News

If you ever find that the main teamspeak is down Please join our Backup teamspeak.
Click Below for info!

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Monster Hunter Online - Guild Hall

Dec 18 2015 04:49 AM | PricyBulletTV in Community News

Hi and welcome fellow hunters to the Guild Hall, a place for gathering and sharing of information of you travels, if your in need or need help feel free to ask and always remember, Happy Hunting.

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Maze Grand Opening! Saturday 8/15/15

Aug 14 2015 04:53 PM | Rexual Predator in Community News

I am happy and honored to announce that with the help of UCGL.net owners and admins on Saturday 8/15/15 at 12pm central we will be holding the grand opening of “The Maze” on “UCGL.net ll 10x XP ll MaxDifficulty ll 3x Tame ll 5x gather” server.

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UCGL Official Dark Teamspeak Theme

Jul 22 2015 12:28 AM | ViolenceInProgress in Community News

Looking for a Teamspeak 3 theme? Look no further!

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Server 1 Wipe and Reconfigure

Jul 12 2015 09:17 PM | ViolenceInProgress in Community News

Server 1 has been wiped and reset with new options!

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Upcoming Maintenance

Jul 06 2015 09:41 PM | ViolenceInProgress in Community News

We have upcoming maintenance.

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